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I was in a very serious car accident and I had 3 policys, short term accidental and life insurance. I was paid on short term with no problem I was happy but with my accidental I am getting a complete run around, I was burned full thickness from a little above the knees down to my toes and I had broken anklesi was in hospital for 97 days. I am only 20 years old I thought aflac was good I kinda bragged about it to people man I was wrong I worked my *** off building steel buildings and it did not pay off, it will be going on a year since my accident and its been months after months after phone calls after phone calls tryinv to get this stright ive signed a paper 6 times giving them permission to all my medical records faxex them im twice and hand delieved, my agent was at no help at all my dad has deove several to pick up specific paper work that they needed and its always the same stuff over and over, they need this then they need that then this then thaf constantly something different, finally we haf got everything all tigether at once for what it seems to be the 100th time itemized bill toxiology report operative report a 158 page report and my discharged sheet they always seem to say they have never recieved this information and I always talk to someone diffent, just recently after the toxiology report was taken care of they say they need operative report agian and I sign another paper andi gave them ample enough tjme to calll week later they say they never rwcieved it and that that was all they need to proceed with my claim so my aunt goes and pick this specfic dooument up they requested and aboht 5 days later a giy tells me theyve recieved it and asked about if iI wanted direct deposite iI was suppouse ti get a form well iI call and check in on it and nkw they want the toxiology report agian..iI seriously dont know what to do iI feel so bad for everyone, like screw me this really sucks the hospital says theyve sent it everytime they have asked and everything im doing my agent should be doinvg iI have almost a half of millon dollars in medical bills...iI need this so bad iI owe 7600 on my truck my cellphine went into debt collecter iI am to young to be this messed up in life, iI still wont be able to work for another yeaf and the bills just keep addinb up..someonw please help me,

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