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I was asked to do an update.Well, I am unemployed.

My Insurance License will expire at the end of the year and I am not sure I will renew it.My supervisior still owes me $100.00 he will not respond to any of my attempt to contact him, he blocked me on his emails and so far has not returned my calls.

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I need to add my view about working of AFLAC.I regret it.

You may see advertisement about AFLAC and even the one TV Ads that they are looking for people to work for them. Just to let you know, first off if you are hired you have to by a smart phone and IPAD, also a laptop computer. You pay them $100 a month rent for you cell in their office. The Managers hold contest to see with sales person can make the most calls, speak with a manager etc.

In my office we had a another satellite office, I found out that the manager would tell my office the satellite office won and they would tell the satellite office we won, so they never paid anyone who won the contest. I won a contest and was suppose to get $100.00, that was on a Friday, the next Monday my supervisior fired me and did not pay me the $100.00.

Some may ask why is AFLAC on TV trying to recruit sales people. Historically AFLAC had no interest in the US market, 98% of AFLAC business was in Japan. Why Japan, one thing is Japan does not have any Consumer protection laws, AFLAC could and did what ever it wanted to do.

The Japanese cultural also has a negative view of a person asking for money in any form, so claims were ignored, if any were filed. Another thing AFLAC does not want anyone in the US to know is they were partnered with the YAKUZA, Japans organized crime. If AFLAC went to a company to get business the word was the YAKUZA was not far behind so everyone signed up and paid. In Japan AFLAC was making 100% profit, until recent events occured and the Japanese Government made AFLAC pay the claims.

The YAKUZA went along with the Japanese Government and AFLAC lost their protection.This is way AFLAC is now trying to get into US markets, to make up for the losses in Japan and they will do anything.

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Fraser, Michigan, United States #1032250

you are a total retard.AFLAC got started in Georgia in the 1950s.

The claims you made are not true. Get your facts straight *** ***.

I already have a big account and I started training this week.Maybe you need to take a class on how to communicate with people


Literally everything I ever read before coming to Aflac online is a bunch of bull.I started with Aflac about 2 months ago straight out of college with ZERO sales experience.

And since then have written 26k in premiums and opened 8 accounts. Its not rocket science, you do your research find who doesn't have Aflac and target them. Making connections all along the way. Most people think Aflac is going to be a handout and everyone is just gonna fall all over themselves to buy the products.

This does happen very rarely, but not often. Most of you who have given Aflac a bad name on these forums and its tough to read, because its just flat not true. I work for a wonderful district and regional team here in NC and wouldnt trade this job for anything. And another thing is most people do it wrong, to make an actual connection you need to walk into the business a phone call NEVER works.

Try a couple of weeks of riding around and WALKING INTO 20 business a day or about 90ish a week and after 3 weeks you will make money theres no way you cant.And dont complain about gas you sell one policy and youve made your tank of gas for the week.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #725547

I can see things from both sides.I love the company, but the dream they sell is not easy to achieve.

I began working for Aflac and won the activity contest and received a bag of ducks. I continued to make my calls and go door to door without any success. My trainer was not into taking me out or really showing me the ropes, but I continued despite the lack of training. I then my father and mother (81 & 78) both had medical issues and I humbly requested some time off to get things organized and take care of my parents.

I would e-mail weekly to keep my bosses in the loop of what was going on. I finally was ready to go back and start off where I had left off. I made an appointment to sit with my Big Boss and was told "You can sell Aflac, but leave the office and don't come back." At this time I was thinking all was going good and everyone talks about is how flexible they are and will help to make you succeed in the market. Now I am working on getting documents and a computer so I can still work on my own is very hard.

Thing are marked as "Talk to you Regional". I will not give up because I want to really show them I better then they are. I know that once I get the word of mouth going I can really help the Hispanic Community.

It is going to take hard work and now being a lone sales person it is going to take some really really hard work.


To all the no talent *** clowns on this site, Aflac is a great product, people who have been there for awhile do well, but the market is so saturated at this point I don't give a *** who you are, to actually make money you will probably have to work there for 3 years AT LEAST.We were calling the same businesses OVER and OVER again, who the *** has the chance selling that way?

They even had us saying we were calling from American Family because they knew once you said Aflac you were getting hung up on since somebody from Aflac had already called there 5 times in the last week. The company is run like ***. I was offered a job as a district and turned it down because there is no way I could look myself in the mirror in the morning trying to get people on board for that ***. Total pyramid scheme.

And for those I couldn't *** it? Yeah, I could.

I just didn't want to harass people all day, get paid ***, treated like a joke, and call it a living.By the way, it is QUIT, not QUITE.

Boerne, Texas, United States #673372

I just could not hold it back anymore.

I to worked for Aflac for about 2 yrs.

My first DCS was great. As part of my training he took me into some of his accounts and patiently showed me how to present and process the applications. He was very fair in sharing the rewards.

I was very happy and on the road to being very successful.

That changed very quickly with a change in "Coordinators" including my DSC. There is a reason Aflac does not include the word "Management" in the titles.

My DSC was told to step down because he was not spending enough time recruiting and training. Part of the process was that the RSC did the intital interviews and then sent them over to a DSC. It was very evident that the RSC was setting up my DSC to fail with the quality of people he sent over. EX.: No transportation, no way to pay any expenses, did not want to work the hours or process applications but promised by the RSC big dollars.

As for me personally, several times I had accounts taken away from me and given to their "buddys".

So what does the SSC and RSC do, they bring in a "buddy" from out of town who spends most of the time enrolling and can not keep any new associates. Most common complaints: will not include them on any enrollments, belittles them, no training. This is not my opinion on what is happending but actually talking to the new associates. The most blatant situation was an associate that seemed to be very...

Eventually, the associate was found out and dismissed. As for the DSC, his life still goes on at Aflac. Remember he was one of the "buddys".

Personally I believe in the products since I have several and I have helped process large claims, that have made a difference.

Unfortunately, Aflac "management" distances themselves at our levels and it is very hard to take any action against the "buddy" system.

If they did, Aflac would probably have a higher associate retention rate and be more successful.

For those die hard Aflac associates who care to dispute me; be careful since I have a lot of documentation to prove all of my points.

If any potential new associates cares to persue a career with Aflac, do it but do not hesitate to challenge anything you do not think is right. Unless you do something unethical, you can not be fired.

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Hey "Aflac Sucker", we were probably in the same training class in New Braunfels...sorry about your experience...Still hanging in there so the jury is still out....I wonder if your DSC was RJ? ....Good luck in whatever endeavors you choose to do.


Aflac may have good people, but there is also a lot of liars working there as well, Texas central to be specific, I went to training and was told that I get a full tank of gas if I made 50/5 during sales school.Lie #1.

We were only given a 50 dollar gift card and told to get gas, 50 dollars won't even fill my truck which I use legitimately to make sales calls.

Also I was promised training but I was only shown enough to make a basic cold call and deal with rejections.My trainer was a greedy joke, he spent more time trying to fill his own pockets rather than to mentor me, my dsc told me I could not cold call a broker because it wasn't allowed, yet he and his son, both very greedy and using mostly brokered business, the irony about these people is that they try to outwardly display themselves as Christians when the office is nothing but a den of thieves, lies, deceptiveness, greed, theft, that is my experience in one of the Texas central offices.


After reading your comments, I don't feel bad about you losing your job with Aflac.You just don't have what it takes to be successful.

to be successful one has to be willing to do what others may not want to do. Otherwise, everyone would work a few hours a day, have 3 day weekends, be wealthy, etc. If you're not willing to work for what you ulltimately want, then blame your own *** self and stop blaming everyone else in your life for your failures. My Regional coordinator paid for my temporary license, my office let me use laptops, etc, until I closed some business and gained some experience.

you see, hard work is rewarded and Aflac has been one of the best place to work for 14 years in a row in Forbes and Fortune magazine surveys. Not to mention their premiums haven't gone up since it's inception in 1955.

Aflac has also been Forbes magazine's one of the most admired companies to work for 9 years in a row.So you can roll up the Japanese crime syndicate story and shove where you like it most, and keep your negative and pessimist comments to yourself as you embark on your new journey to find another job.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


I would like to point out that there are quite a few grammar errors in many of the complaints. If I were to complain about anything ,then I would hope to be able to argue my point correctly.

It's understandable to be aggravated easily. I say understandable because you obviously don't have patience to learn about the company you work let alone common grammar.

No one person is perfect, but hopefully ypu will try harder next time you type away.

Good luck to you when you fax out that resume. I'd triple check that were I you.

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