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I have the accident policy from Aflac for my whole family that essneitally amounts to supplemental insurance over and above my regular Blue Cross plan. My 8 year old son broke out some front teeth doing flips on our trampoline this past year.

We rushed him to the hospital to stop the bleeding, and then were sent to an orthodontist to handle the dental trauma. After my Blue Cross, i was out $3,800 out of pocket. Upon submitting all paperwork and doctor's reports, Aflac only paid $105, citing the accident required dental treatment, which they do not cover. The agent stated, "If your son had broken his arm, we would have paid $3,500 for this claim, but broken teeth, only $105".

Thanks Aflac for nothing! A complete waste of money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aflac Claim.

Monetary Loss: $3695.

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If you read the accident coverage it states that you may fall ill and have to go to emergency room which I did. Diagnosis was kidney stones. I had Scan done at hospital and have had 2 outpatient procedures at surgery any of this considered accident coverage to file a claim I cant seem to find this information on website


is a rope burn around a ankle covered by aflex


I’ve never had a problem with AFLAC paying for my claims. Read your policy, call if you have questions.

AFLAC used to have a dental policy, but I don’t think they offer that any longer. Sorry you had trouble.

I, personally will always carry AFLAC insurance. It sure helped me during my cancer last year and in other situations through the years.


I have had there policy twice in my career. Recently I signed up for Always.

They have payed for our accidents without hesitation and I have the clumbiest bunch ever.

We use it for physicians visits and even wellness exam. Some things don't pay as much as we calculate but it makes taking off and having to parent easier with a cushion.


Gonna cancel my policy I have paid for yearS on. Waste of money as if I do get hurt, they will fight to not have to pay. What a scam and waste

to Jones #1641408

From experience when you don’t have it you’ll need it.

to Mixter #1682258

You're absolutely correct!


Yeah same here. 3,000 sirgery (my portion) AFLAC pays $100. Whaaaat??


Get your bunions fixed.


I had to get an xray on my ankle and a follow up xray by my doctor. They said since it wasn't at the hospital they aren't gonna pay sqaut! Beware Aflac is basically a scam I will only maybe keep cancer policy because my coworker got cancer and passed away but Aflac paid out about $50,000 she said which helped with all the bills.

Perryville, Arkansas, United States #1350462

does Aflac accident cover if you go to the emergency room for exposure to black mold?

to Anonymous #1462304

That's not an accident

to Cookie #1524545

If it was not on purpose it's called what? An accident.

to Rocky #1687436

It’s either an injury or an illness. Exposure to black mold is not an injury.

to Anonymous #1556294

Yes, they did for my daughter.

to Julie Pike #1637997

Just curious about your claim that AFLAC paid an accident claim for your daughter being exposed to black mold?

Enterprise, Utah, United States #1249166

My wife has the accident insurance through her work to cover me and our family. My ankle through an accident broke bones in two places and now the stability of my ankle is non existent.

For the broken ankle doctors decided fusing the ankle joint was the answer to fixing the ankle. Within six months of having it fixed with the fusion, a fall on a iced on a icy hill resulted in the fused ankle failing and surgery needed to be performed again with the doctors suggesting the best plan for a stable ankle would to be putting a rod up through the bottom of my foot, through the ankle and halfway up my tibia leg bone. This surgery was complete after it came up with infection that was treated by two additional hospital stays. I submitted the forms and the extensive chart notes, and hospital records.

My claim was denied. I just wish the extra money for the accident was really there when you need it like they say it will be. an accident is a accident and the claim should be paid until the injury is fixed.

Aflac just do what you say you will do. Frustrated customer.

High Point, North Carolina, United States #1228803

I love Aflac I tore meniscus and had to have surgery and physical therapy they paid me well and on time.

to Tasha Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States #1238849

I did the same thing...but they dont wan to pay me for my surgery

to Tasha #1433190

Curious as to what did they pay for a torn meniscus!!

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