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Aflac duck lies: 7 of 8 people found it helpful
Sign up aflac for our business, they find every excuse not to pay claims. Call customer service number given different reasons for the delay everytime. Don't waste your money on this company a good old fashion class action lawsuit is in order. I have talk to previous salespeople for aflac, the unpaid claims are threw the roof. Before you sign up read 3k plus reviews all are saying the same thing. Don't fall for the duck he can't swim. ...
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  • Anything about aflac
BUYER BEWARE!! Aflac insurance is a complete rip off. I signed up in December 2015 for the Accident and Hospital Indemnity policies, Accident for obvious reasons, but hospital because my boyfriend and I were planning on marrying, and he has health issues. Just a little background on me so you can understand my complaint better. In June 2014 I started have the worst pain in my life. It was like a migraine but 10x's worse. I went to...
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