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An AFLAC rep came to my work place to sell us insurance. I haven't been to a Dentist in 8 years and was interested in Dental Insurance. I specifically asked the Rep if I could start seeing the Dentist right away. His answer was "Yes". I asked if I was unhappy with the services could I cancel at anytime. Again the Reps answer was Yes. He embellished the insurance and said it covered two Dental Cleanings and stated the first visit to your Dentist you are mailed $50 for a Wellness benefit. Basically these Reps are scammers and liars!!!!! My Dental cleaning and X-rays cost me $240...AFLAC only paid $75. I found out that I need a crown and have to pay into AFLAC for 2 years before I can even have the Dental work done. Let's do the math. That is $940. I already paid $150 for my cleaning and xrays. The crown will cost $1422 and AFLAC only pays $375. So basically...I would have to pay $2156 for premiums, 1 cleaning in 2 years and my crown. They alsio made me wait months to cancel since I signed up through my work. I had to wait until open enrollment again. Again...another fact left out!

HOW ON EARTH IS THAT CONSIDERED INSURANCE!!!! SCAM...SCAM....SCAM! Look into a Discount with your Dentist. I learned they will give you 25% of services with a smaller monthly fee and there is no waiting period.


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You're a dipsh*t who didn't read your policy which clearly explains how much gets paid out for specific services and the waiting periods for them.


I spoke to a rep on the phone last week. I asked specifically if they would pay whatever the dentist charges me, 100%, and she told me they would. Now I have my policy in front of me, it's a whole different story.

I understand how this works, it's just not what I was offered!

to Anonymous #1406203

I hardly thing that is what they told you. They are supplemental. That is what regular health and dental insurance is for honey.


AFLAC is supplemental insurance and is and never was designed to replace major coverage.It was designed to help with out of pocket expenses and if you didn't read your policy to see that it's a shame.

It's designed to help with the deductibles and expenses that aren't fully covered by your major dental plan. ie... I got a crown and I had to pay $400 out of pocket. Aflac would send me a check for say $200.

From where I stand it does exactly what it says it will do.No trick, no scam.


yes you are so right it happen to me to I drop a major dental insurance for this *** they donot tell you at the time this is supplemental dental insurance to use with your other MAJOR dental plan, they say ONLY what will catch your attention to sell the policy and leave out the most important parts I have made a HUGE mistake SO glad i did not let my daughter get her wisdom tooth out yet I am waiting for open enrollment to cancel this sh$$. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE AFLAC FOR ANYTHING

Lomita, California, United States #1255098

WOW, did you actally Re ad your contract??? I think not

Lomita, California, United States #1255096

If there are companies that offer dental insurance with no waiting period, I would think the premiums are very low as well as the pay out, insurance companies are businesses in the business to helping people but not if cost a them money, being an aflac agent myself I sed the all the time.

People please, please, please re ad your policies and ask questions, just cause he is a nice guy

Lomita, California, United States #1255091

Hmmm, I'm a aflac agent and if your agent said yes to that question I believe he violated the code of ethics within the aflac organization and I would report that action to the Atlanta office to have it looked into, and just so you now the waiting periods are pur into place to guard against fraudulent claims, folks all the time want to but insurance, get stuff done then cancel kinda like planning a car accident.

For me I tell my clients straight up front that there are e

Waiting periods before they sign and by the way they are clearly stated on the contract.

I'm very sorry your experience dud not go well but cause you wanted to get dental work done with in intention to cancel then in the insurance world that would be called "concealment or fauld" which no insurance company would pay and btw there are fine associated to that as well.

If you've waited 8 years to see dentist and need a bail out well that exactly why the waiting periods are in place, after the 2 years you talk about that is it, once the waiting periods are dine there done and the policies proceders go into to full effort

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1230497

I just had pretty much the same experience.Had not been to a dentist in about 5 years.

My wife gets the Aflac dental plan through work. I go to a dentist, pay well over $300 for evaluation, x-rays, bitewings and prophy. Aflac only paid $95. Why!

Because the evaluation and the prophy were done on the same appointment! WOW!

I am certain the dentist didn't know, and I didn't either because that was never mentioned during the sales pitch.And of course, my wife has to continue to pay for the worthless dental insurance until open enrollment when she is finally allowed to cancel.

Portland, Oregon, United States #1193027

Sounds like you didn't read your policy.Become a better consumer and read instructions and understand what is paid for and the amount you receive.

You blame the rep but in reality it was you showing your *** consumer side.You probably also buy bottled water and $5 coffees.


wait periods are pretty much standard for all Dental Insurance. Crowns are always a 12 month wait period no matter what insurance company you sign up for.

to Anonymous Oberlin, Ohio, United States #1202543

This isn't true. I've been researching dental insurance and found several that have no waiting period. You just have to do your homework.


I'm a dentist .

Aflac is great if you can find the dentist who work with them.

But even if you had ppo dental insurance you had to pay 50% for majer work. So out of pocket for 1 crown is $700,

No of the dental insurances I see are great they all have some trick in them. Need to understand them. They should be called coupons.


But in my office Aflac works great for most people Not everybody.Hope this was helpful

to Anonymous Omaha, Nebraska, United States #1286653

If you're truly a dentist with that poor grammar and spelling, you need to either spend a little time proofreading or go back to school.

to Anonymous Pendleton, Oregon, United States #1310071

Because he spent his time learning about dental, and biology, instead of trying to grow up to be a grammar Nazi like you.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1042964

Individual dental policies are never worth the premiums.

How on earth do you think a company could pay out as much or more in benefits than it takes in premiums. Usually insurance company overhead eats up at least 30% of premiums paid!

No decent dentist will do dentistry for AFLAC's low fees, despite what Denise claims below.

Once again: individual dental policies are a VALUE SUBTRACTING, rather than a VALUE ADDING, business. You will ALWAYS receive far less in benefits than you pay in premiums.


I have had Aflac dental for years and they have been great. If you read the total benefits before you go, you won't have issues.

Oxnard, California, United States #1007994

You need to change your dentist!

AFLAc pays the same $50 according to their schedule no matter

how much YOUR dentist charges.If you go to an overpriced dentist then of course you will be responsible for paying the difference.

If you get a groupon or go to a dentist and they charge $40, you get to keep the extra $10.All this is stated in the policy.

Burlington, Washington, United States #969448

Aflac is a scam!!! Paid the 2 years and now they won't cover!!!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #945105

I had Aflac dental insurance for over a year and in my opinion one of the best dental insurances out there.I signed up through my work because I knew it was probably a good idea to at least have it.

I grind my teeth in my sleep, not nearly as bad as I used to but rarely now and had broken a tooth. I didn't know I had broken a tooth, I had severe tooth pain but waited to go to the dentist because I had 2 weeks to go before my insurance would be in effect. Tooth pain went away before I went to the dentist so, thinking it was nothing I never went. Almost a year later I started having severe tooth pain again.

I went to the dentist and they did full mouth x-rays and told me I had a broken tooth and the root was abscessed. I was informed that if I just waited another 2 weeks for my insurance to be active for a full year, that Aflac would cover my root canal 100%, so I waited.

I had a $2000 annual limit, so the root canal which was $1000, plus x-rays, plush several fillings I needed was all covered, I didn't pay a single penny.I hate going to the dentist and the dentist I went to was very nice and very informative and made the whole experience of getting a root canal for the first time pleasurable.

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