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I am terminally ill with cancer. My days are very limited.

My daughter and I summit my claim for my cancer policy over a month ago through a Rep frommy area. We got a email stating it was recieved. Since we've been told it was being processed. Even at 1 point told to call back to find out how much I was receiving and would it would be deposited in my Acct.

Only to have my daughter call back that evening to be told they couldn't find her listed as having POA over me so no info was giving. Rep contacted them it still in processing. We were told they were backed up from end of last year's claims. They are normally caught up by April every year.

Right now I'm in a the Hospice Hospital awaiting to die. The cancer has spread throughout my body and I don't have that much time left. I wondering of all things why? I knew that I would not going to live long enough to enjoy the money but I really wanted my daughter to have it so she wouldn't be stressed over paying for my funeral.

I recently told her to change my funeral arrangements back to being cremated because Aflac will not send me the money in time for a traditional one. Well the money they owe me per my cancer policy. I would like the company to know how disgusting this is. People literally have to die before they see a dime of their insurance claim?.

I know I will probably not be around for the hospice claim to be process and paid either.

Before I do die I want tons of people to know the truth about what Aflac has done to my family and me. You promised I would be paid within 3 to 5 days business days after receiving my claim.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aflac Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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My Dad had a cancer policy with Aflac for several years, he died in the hospital with leukemia. THEY NEVER PAID! Every time I see their "Duck" commercials I wish I could shoot it!!!


Is good to other people let us know their experience so we can take a good decision. Thank you for letting us know.


Prayers to you and your daughter

to Lori P #1653188

So sorry to hear of your painful experience. That they are doing this on top of all the horrible experience of cancer is heartbreaking. I hope this claim gets paid soon....prayers and blessings to you and yours.


God Bless you and prayers for your family. I'm sitting here today looking through the reviews of these so called great companies and I cannot believe some of the sorry fraudulent activities of these scam artist.

This is a crying shame!! Companies like this should have the pants sued off of them and they should be made to pay every single dime back to the people they've screwed over this infuriates me to no end!!!

Orlando, Florida, United States #1264761

I am so sorry aflac did you this way I am a lung cancer survivor and I know exactly what you are going through. May God bless you and your daughter. Have a wonderful day.

Morgantown, West Virginia, United States #1222579

They're greedy whatever they send they will bill you double had them for disability dropped thank God

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1210583

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time :(( you would think a company would want to make life easier for the people in this type of situation.. i do hooe it all works out and wish you nothing but the best!! Also, maybe go to change dot org and put this info and pixture up and have people sign and pass the story around on fb, maybe if you get enough signatures they will stop this and help others??


Get with the DOI, insurance companies hate attention from them.


this is horable to hear.. my thought and prayers go out to your daughter.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1128728

I hate the runaround. Please contact your congressperson, state rep or give nor.

If you go online to VA you should find a list of liaisons with 800#s. They are strictly there to hel you!

Pray all goes well. I had a similar problem and my congressman helped me tremendously as well as the VA liaison.

I am praying.

Aflac Verified Representative


I'm Aflac Phyllis, an Aflac worldwide headquarters employee here to help. I would like for our J.

D. Power 2015 Certified Contact Center to look into your situation. Please email them at aflacservice@aflac.com so they can assist you with this. When you email them, please include the following in the subject line of your email: Review about Aflac Cancer Insurance Policy from Jacksonville, Florida.

Please copy the contents of your post from this website into the body of the email.

Also, Aflac has established corporate privacy procedures in an effort to protect your identity and policy/claim information.

Therefore, if your father is an Aflac policyholder, when you email us, please provide his full name and AT LEAST TWO of the following criteria: Policy number, Claim number, Claim Check number, Date of Birth, or Name of his employer.

Thank you,

Aflac Phyllis

to AflacHelp #1417266

Because they have treated you This way and you have to spend previous time on this, know that I will never go to this company for supplemental insurance. I was considering them but not now!!

Michigan, United States #1127649

My heart is broken reading this story !


Bless you and I'm so sorry you are going thru this, especially now. AFLAC, get off you *** and pay this man what is due him and his family! :(


Horrendous and unacceptable. Going to check other providers. Thank you and God Bless


I was just looking into aflac, but now I'm closing this Web browser. Not doing it now

to Anonymous Kingsville, Texas, United States #1132132

I live in Texas and have held Alflac insurances for over 15 years. We have never experienced any thing of what people have mentioned in the reviews.

The AFLAC representatives are courteous, respectful, kind, and prompt.

I have filed several accident injury claims and have been paid without any problems.

AFLAC is definitely a great insurance.


I hate to say it but AFLAC is really only as good as the agent. If you need assistance with your claim please feel free to contact me at kimberly.m.murphy@gmail.com. I'd love opportunity to help you and even possibly change your mind about how beneficial AFLAC can really be.

to kimberly.m.murphy Davison, Michigan, United States #1127450

How can she if she is almost dead. And it shouldn't be blamed on a agent.that's bs.that's a big company and 1 agent don't run the *** company.

Really? ?? Bad agent cancer patients can't collect what they paid for ..

sounds like a bunch of excuses.

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