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  • From mobile
  • Oct 19
  • #939328

If aflac pay a claim and pay to is back to aflac what does that mean?

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 10
  • #934184

My son broke both his arms and we got maybe $600

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What they dont tell you when the sales rep is signing up all of the employees is about the mountains of red tape and stall tactics they use to keep every penny that you are entitled to when it comes to the unfortunate day that you actually need this insurance that youve been paying a small fortune for. Yes with the money i paid for my insurance i could have been making a nice car payment. So then when you are half dead and so depressed that you... Read more

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My experience with this sad company has been a nightmare from beginning to end, and it ain't over yet! Agent Terrie Lynn Runolfson from the Cottonwood California office is on the prowl for her next husband and so cannot keep her mind on her actual job! If a man behaved like she did, he would have been sued for sexual harassment, no kidding. She refuses to answer phone calls. She didn't add both policies as stated clearly on the sign up... Read more

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Sign up aflac for our business, they find every excuse not to pay claims. Call customer service number given different reasons for the delay everytime. Don't waste your money on this company a good old fashion class action lawsuit is in order. I have talk to previous salespeople for aflac, the unpaid claims are threw the roof. Before you sign up read 3k plus reviews all are saying the same thing. Don't fall for the duck he can't swim. ... Read more

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BUYER BEWARE!! Aflac insurance is a complete rip off. I signed up in December 2015 for the Accident and Hospital Indemnity policies, Accident for obvious reasons, but hospital because my boyfriend and I were planning on marrying, and he has health issues. Just a little background on me so you can understand my complaint better. In June 2014 I started have the worst pain in my life. It was like a migraine but 10x's worse. I went to... Read more

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Worst experience ever. Biggest waste of money.

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 16
  • #883641

Not the company they use to be ,now they have all these reasons not to pay ,they can collect premium.

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Aflac is full of it, I have 2 claims pending, one was in Feb.2016 and the 2nd one Mar.2016 here it is almost July and still nothing. They are frauds and will come up with every excuse not to pay out when you putting the money in. They said that they would pay me 50% of my claim, but the other half may be preexisting. I wish I could see one them insensitive ***. On my 2nd claim they said I want even get that because I was not out enough days, but... Read more

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Hi my name is Evelyn. I have two expired aflac checks that i gave my husband to cash in his bank but forgot. What can I do ?They're expired Sincerely, EVELYN Read more

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